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TEOTWAWKI and Devine Intelligence

by Mario A. Taboada aka 5 Fires (follow)
The number levels by which greatness is measured are infinite; therefore, there are no excuses nor reasons not to aspire to one of them and achieve it
I do believe there is a conspiracy involving those and their predecessors, who edited the writings and records of those who experienced, first hand, the manifestation of divine intelligence in human form. They have done their best to distract, discredit, and even conceal the truth about whom and what each and every living thing truly is. However, there are four things that can never be disavowed:
1. There is a beginning to all things
2. There is a middle to all things
3. There is and end to all things
4. Where there is an end there comes a new beginning

In beginning life, humans were created in the like and image of divine intelligence

In the middle of life as we know it, divine intelligence reminded us, as humans we are created in the image and likeness of divine intelligence

In the end of life as we know it we are transformed in the image and likeness of divine intelligence.

Conversely, as life as we know it, ends; thus, a new beginning evolves and humans continue to be created in the image and likeness of divine intelligence.

I thank the divine everyday that He made a conscious and deliberate decision to accept and be who He truly, is. I am thankful too, that, he has made me in the image and likeness of Him and blessed me with the faculties of both, my heart and mind, to accept and be who I am, truly.

Originating from the Broadway musical, God Spell, the song “Day by Day” and a very special prayer are part of my awakening process, each day. It's very effective in helping me stay focused on and accepting the simple truth that I am the sole creator of the lifestyle I have had, the lifestyle, I now have, and the lifestyle, I will have in the future.

The “hook” in the chorus says: 1. “To see the more clearly…”
According to his word, that can and does mean for me, that because of His grace and compassion, and authority to establish his kingdom, I have the inherent and inalienable right and true purpose to think and believe I can have and hold, be, or do anything I want. Trust me; I’ve seen the bad… and I DON’T WANT ANY PART OF IT! All I want is good.

All that is divine and right for anyone is that which fills us with joy, good health, a clear heart, wealth, and love, peace, and a sound mind. All we have to do is accept it by allowing ourselves to have what it is we want and that is simply done by not allowing yourself to dismiss the thoughts of the best available, for you. Don’t judge it and stay out of the how (how??? Will I get it, mentality)? Trust that the divine intelligence, who knows the number of grains of sand upon a beach, and divine intelligence will show you how to get it. Then, look for the signs and appearances of the people, places and things that will amazingly appear and will be integral to your accomplishment and fulfillment.

2. “To love thee more dearly…”
Express gratitude. I appreciate all that I now have, all that all I have done, and all that has been done to me and for me.

Again, according to His word this can mean and does mean to me that, I have the full and absolute authority to believe as though I already have the very objects I desire, I deserve the objects of my desires, and I will hold the objects of my desires in my hands, and sooner then ever anticipated, I shall experience and enjoy all of the objects of my desires in their solid and natural form.

3. “To follow the more nearly…”
Give and receive forgiveness. I forgive all and ask forgiveness for all.

Again, according to his word this can and does mean for me to trust and all I have to do is to believe that by deliberately dismissing all thoughts of anger, pain, shame, guilt, remorse, regret, and or scenes of bad experiences of the past or negative pre-conceived notions for the future, I move closer to him and understanding divine intelligence. I then, realize the answers I need for everything I want and need can and will be heard from within me, easily, because, I am trusting in His promise of grace, compassion, and the authority of his will to establish all the goodness of his kingdom in me and others who trust him. I am m not cluttered with negative thoughts and memories of bad experiences and feelings. I allow myself to obsess on that thought and never dismiss it, whenever it comes to mind. I allow it to fill my mind and heart totally; and then, I let it take me, wherever it wants to lead me.

Cultivation for the content of this article has been an amazing voyage and journey, leading to an amazing life. Truly, I believe the best is yet to come for every one who believes the best is coming to them.

"Failure does not occur until you give up, quit, walk and or run away, blame others and find comfort in self-pity. Otherwise, any attempt that has been made and did not bring about the desired result is nothing more than, the discovery of a new way in the resolve of now knowing, how not to do things and a solid reason to believe, you have just completed another step toward accomplishment." M. Taboada - The Poetry of 5 Fires
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